Softbody Tetris V4

Here is my Softbody Tetris V4 😉
This Softbody Animation was created with Cinema 4D.
It makes a lot of fun to work with the C4D Dynamics Engine.
Here i used Cinema 4D and Turbulence FD.

I love the original Tetris game.
The whole thing took a long time, because I had to simulate again and again. The parts did not always fly as they should;)
I used the animation from SOFTBODY TETRIS VERSION 3. Additionally, I added Turbulence FD.

With the two bars in the middle I helped a bit;)
Render time for this short Tetris Animation was 107 hours.
One Frame of my old AMD Computer (Render Client) need 12 minutes to render. Other Computer 1 minutes per Frame (at the beginning without fire).
The smoke is a bit too strong. The Turbulence FD container was also a bit too small. You can see it on the smoke at the bottom or on the sides.

Relax and enjoy this video. Some people make it happy and satisfied. It also has a calming effect.



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