About me

Hello, my name is Chris.
You certainly have already noticed that I do not speak in my videos. The reason is, of course, i am from germany and my English is not so good. It is even quite dreadful. But I have replaced it for you with great music;)
The text here was also translated by Google. I hope so that the text comes in some understandable way. I try to continue to learn more English but you surely know the subject with time. You just always have too little;)

I am no longer the youngest but the work with Cinema 4D makes me extremely much fun. I have a full-time job and of course much too little time. Cinema 4D is one of my favorite hobbies. This is also the reason why I created the YouTube channel C4D4U in 2014 and a bit later in August 2017 this website “C4D4U.one”
I’ve been working with Cinema 4D for several years. As a hobby this is not exactly cheap but it makes really lot of fun. My plugins include X-Particles, Turbulence FD, RealFlow, Cycles 4D and programs like Substance Designer. All you need to create your own world. For the further processing I’m also in the Adobe Creative Cloud and use very often programs like After Effects and Photoshop.

Other hobbies of me are sports like cycling, fitness but also video processing, spreadsheets, future technology (nanotechnology, space research) and much more;)
I have other YouTube channels dealing with completely different topics and in German. That’s why not quite as many new videos come from me.

Intel I7 6700K (4 cores)
64GB Ram
2x Titan Xp

Clients: 5
1 x AMD FX 8150 (8 cores), 16 GB RAM
1 x Intel I7 5960X (8 cores),  32GB RAM
3 x Intel I7 8700K (6 cores),  32GB RAM.

And a very good alarm system 😉

Have fun on my website