C4D4U FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



C4D4U FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



In this section “C4D4U FAQ” you will find most of the questions I have on my YouTube channel C4D4U and from my website.

If you have any other questions you can write them here in the comments or on YouTube. I will then insert the questions here.

The list of common questions:

FAQ from C4D4U

General questions:

What does C4D4U mean
C4D4U means:
Cinema 4D (Program Name)
That means:
Cinema 4D FOR YOU
Why you are making these animations?
I really enjoy creating animations. You can realize all your ideas and build your own world. I learn something new every day. With the videos on YouTube, I found many people who like my videos ❤❤❤ (Thank you) . That motivates me a lot and I'm constantly working to improve. I hope I succeed.
Why you are answer not all comments?
I have several YouTube channels and websites. C4D4U has the most subscribers. This year I have about 15,000 comments only on C4D4U (including my own). You can imagine that it is not possible to answer everything. I think I need a secretary 😎
Why is your english so bad?
I am from Germany. I can only speak a little school english. I have to translate many comments first through Google Translator to understand them. I try my best. But I think some of you may have laughed at my answers 🤣
I learn a lot when i answer comments. I hope my english is a little bit better in the future 😎
Why are the animations are short?
Animations consist of many single pictures. In most animations, I use 25 frames per second. A video goes on average about 1 minute so 60 seconds. That means 25 x 60 pictures. Creating an image takes a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the process. Average about 1 minute per image so again 60 seconds. That means 90,000 seconds (1500 minutes, 25 hours). I use several computers to speed things up.
Many questions about 60 frames per second or 15 minutes of videos. You can figure out how long that would take 😴
Why is it called softbody?
In the animations you can see very soft objects that are deformed.
Softbody Simulation V1

Softbody Simulation

In Cinema 4D, the program I work with, these objects get a tag called Soft Body.
Why is this in my recommended page?
Presumably you've already looked at similar videos before. YouTube sees that and suspects that you are interested in these videos. If you are not interested in these videos then you should leave no comments because otherwise YouTube feels confirmed with the recommendation.
Why do you always use a wink?
When I work on the PC I do not use emojis. Then I smile with a wink 😉
I am a friendly person (I think) 😎
Why this is so relaxing and satisfying?
This question comes very often and I can not give a correct answer 🤷
I think it depends on the video. I think you feel attracted by soft bodies. They are soft, cuddly and when they are pressed together, they restore their normal shape afterwards. So they are soft and actually indestructible.
How much time did it take to render?
In most cases, I write the rendering time under the videos. It depends on the process. Depending on the length of the video and the process, it can take several hours or even several days.
How long does it take to make such an animation?
I can often use objects from previous animations. But I also often build new things and have to learn a lot. Therefore, an animation can take several days. If you know how it works, then a few hours. Calculations (Liquids, Fire, Dynamic) can take a long time. The constant repetition of the animation to test the dynamic takes a long time. Motion tracking can take a long time depending on the movie length. I'm not a professional and do not learn very fast, it all takes a long time for me anyway 😎
What's the song's name?
In most cases, I write the name of the song in the description from the YouTube video.
These are mostly songs from the YouTube library or from Artilist.
What Computer Specifications?
In most cases I write this in the channel info from my YouTube channel or on the About page of my website:
C4D4U About
YouTube Channel Info
At the moment I work with the following equipment:
This I use in most cases
AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX 32-Cores 3.60 GHz
512 GB
1x NVIDIA RTX 8000

Intel Core i9-10980XE | 18x 3.00GHz
4x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24GB

1 Client:
Intel I7 6700K (4 cores)
64GB Ram
2x Titan RTX

1 Client:
Intel I7 5960X (8 cores),  32GB RAM
2x Titan xP
What is the Program name?
At the moment I'm working with Cinema 4D R20 and several plugins (see below) for the animations.
But I try to learn Blender and Houdini. Blender is free an very cool. But I have less time to learn.
Adobe After Effects to finish the movie including Outro.
Adobe Media Encoder to get the movie in the right format.
What do you use for Plugins?
I use the following plugins very often:
No plugin but good for character animations:
Why you make no tutorials?
The tutorials were very rarely watched. This is also because they were without a voice because my English is very bad. There are other many better YouTube channels that make tutorials.

Softbody Tetris Questions:

Why ist the last part in the Tetris Video ㅗ
I was asked that a lot. In Japanese it is even a very bad symbol. Of course I did not know that before. I swear, it's really just a design piece.
Thanks for watching Design

Thanks for watching Design

Why is this not a game?
If I could do the programming it would be really cool. But I'm not a programmer. In addition, there is also a copyright issue that could be very expensive. That's why I prefer to keep my hands off it.
Can I eat the Tetris pieces?
This question came very often. I always had to smile. That's just an animation. In most cases, I have always replied that I've already eaten all the pieces and nothing is left 😋
Why do the full lines in the Tetris Videos never disappear?
That has been a difficult process for me. I first had to learn some techniques and these are very difficult. Maybe there is a very simple way but I did not find it. I am just a beginner and not a professional and only learn from tutorials. But I have created a version where the lines disappear:
Softbody Tetris V9
Tetris Line Disapears

Tetris Line Disapears

Why this makes me feel hungry?
Because these pieces just look very delicious. If they really existed then I would definitely burst 😋

Softbody Animation Questions:

Why does the one I choose always loose in the race?
My answer: Maybe next time 😉
Why is there a house on a ball?
I love highly visible reflections. I find the idea with the house very interesting. The first animation I created with this reflection was very successful.
Why are the balls in the race finished in different time?
In almost all videos in this series, the balls have the same settings (with a few exceptions). The Dynamics Engine has a built-in very light noise. There are therefore minimal differences in the dynamic calculation. Small differences in the beginning can lead to completely different results in the end.
Why didnt you smash them?
I tried to make a ball burst in an animation. That did not look very good. I have not found a way to get better results.
NOW IT POPS / FIRST RESULT (Softbody Simulation / Animation)
Why do I want to eat the cubes?
I am not sure, but they looks delicious like a cake or candy 😋



  1. Matthew says:

    Are you a boy or a girl?

  2. Landon says:

    Can you tell us what your other channels are? I’d love to see what else you produce (even if they’re in German and a completely different subject).

  3. Paul Tuttle says:

    Hey wI me please plz

  4. Jay says:

    How can you have so expensive equipment?
    Thanks, for answer. 🙂

    • Chris says:

      That’s a good question.
      I save my money to buy such equipment. Many would rather buy a fancy watch or something nice with the advertising revenue. I put the money into equipment to become even faster and produce better content. Unfortunately, the equipment is not enough. I also have to learn a lot to get better. This is the longest process 😉

  5. PPTide says:

    Kannst du Merch mit den Softbody-Tetris Blöcken machen? (Translation: “Can you make merch with the Softbody-Tetris Block?” )

    • Chris says:

      Die Idee ist nicht schlecht aber wenn ich etwas namentlich mit Tetris verkaufe könnte es rechtliche Probleme geben. Ich lasse deshalb lieber die Finger davon.
      Ich muss mal schauen was solche Lizenzen kosten. Vielleicht lohnt es sich ja 🙂

  6. Olivia says:

    A few random things I’d like to comment :]

    I thought C4D4U meant See 4D for you


    I just learned today that I’ve been reading softbody/hardbody as softBOY/hardBOY for months now

  7. Hepokatti says:

    Does your surname start with r? I found a channel named chrisrvideos on toptorials’s channel tab.

  8. Scott McGee says:

    If i had Cinema 4D, i would love to give my processing power to help you render stuff

  9. Andrew Zhang says:

    Face reveal?

    • Chris says:

      I think this is not a good idea.
      I would lose a lot of subscribers ?
      But seriously. I like it when people don’t know me.

  10. Someone says:

    How do you afford your rigs? The stuff in them are extremely expensive.


  12. changjiang xu says:

    I look forward to working with you

    • Chris says:

      Thank you very much for the kind offer. But at the moment I work alone. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time. There is not even enough time for my own projects and ideas.
      I hope for your understanding.

  13. Kaz says:

    I’ve saw a game’s ad that put your video clips in it, I’m not sure if it’s ok or not?

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for pointing this out. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that game developers use my videos. I have already had to write to some of them about this.
      It really annoys me. If you still know which game it was, feel free to write me.
      In any case, I have not given anyone permission to use my videos.
      Thanks again for the tip.

  14. Emanuele says:

    I’ve always wondered what was the image reflected on the ball in your animations, and I’ve read the reason you put it, but I’m still curious about where you got it. Did you just find it on internet or like got it on your own?

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