Which is faster * Brachistochrone Curve ❤️ C4D4U

Brachistochrone Curve

Brachistochrone Curve

Which is faster * Brachistochrone Curve ❤️ C4D4U

Which is faster * Brachistochrone Curve ❤️ C4D4U on YouTube

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For me the topic brachistochrone is still very new. But I am fascinated by what is behind it. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you should take a closer look.


The brachistochrone curve is a special path on which a ball (or any point mass) under the influence of gravity travels the fastest from one point to a lower point. The term comes from the Greek and means “shortest time.” The shape of the brachistochrone is a cycloid, which resembles the path traced by a point on the rim of a rolling circle.

Why is a ball faster on a brachistochrone curve?

Why is a ball faster on a brachistochrone curve than on a straight path? It’s due to how gravity acts along the curve.
On a straight path, gravity only partially contributes to the ball’s motion since the path is inclined. On a brachistochrone curve, however, the path is designed so that gravity acts more effectively, especially at the start when the ball is moving slowly, thus accelerating it more quickly.

The cycloid curve is shaped in such a way that gravity’s acceleration is maximized at the beginning, where the ball starts from a higher point. Since the ball initially rolls down a steeper path, it quickly gains speed.
After this steep start, the path becomes less steep, allowing the high speed to be efficiently utilized to cover the remaining distance quickly.
On a straight path, the acceleration is limited by the constant incline, resulting in slower acceleration and, consequently, a longer time to reach the destination.

The mathematical description and derivation of the brachistochrone are based on the principle of least action, a fundamental concept in physics that states nature always chooses the path that requires the least “action” (a combination of energy and time). Thus, the brachistochrone is the path where the total time a ball takes to move from one point to another is minimized by optimally utilizing the properties of gravity.

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