Which one would you eat 😋 Softbody Simulation V31 ❤️ C4D4U

Which one would you eat 😋 Softbody Simulation V31 ❤️ C4D4U

Softbody Simulation V31 on YouTube

Which part would you eat?
What flavor could that be?

Sorry, I have very little time at the moment. I’m going to do a little renovation at home. After the renovation, there should be more animations from me.
The reason for the conversion in the apartment is that my living room is also my study. The computers develop an enormous amount of heat as a result of the rendering. I am now trying to move the computers out of the living room. This will extremely reduce the temperature but also the noise of the fans.
Afterwards it will be much more fun to work in a cool and calm atmosphere.
I hope for your understanding.


00 Days
09 Hours
16 Minutes
22 Seconds
Rendered by multiple computers!

My Equipment:

In the future I will learn more Blender and Houdini FX. Blender is very cool and free.


If you would like to support me, feel free to buy me a coffee ☕ 😃❤️



Relax and enjoy this video. ASMR for my eyes. Some people make it happy and satisfied. It also has a calming effect.

ASMR = Autonomous sensory meridian response



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