Softbody Simulation / Animation V9

Softbody Simulation / Animation V9

This is an other Softbody Simulation Animation V9 created with Maxon Cinema 4D.

A little race between 3 different Balls (Design or Shapes). The names? (I have currently no name for this balls).
Have you an idea?
Here i used dynamic Tags and REDSHIFT for the rendering.
It makes a lot of fun to work with the Dynamics Engine.

At the moment I’m still learning the rendering with REDSHIFT.

Of course this is not correct scientifically. The ball with the little balls I had to slow down otherwise he would have been much faster at the finish.

Rendertime: 19 hours (REDSHIFT + 2 TITAN xP).
Working Time: normal (any hours) 😉
Why any hours? Usually it only takes minutes, but I’m always dissatisfied and always try something new. I also learn the settings of REDSHIFT.



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