Softbody Simulation / Animation V5 (Cinema 4D)

Softbody Simulation V4 (Fluffy)

Softbody Simulation V4 (Fluffy)

Softbody Simulation / Animation V5

This is an other Softbody Simulation Animation V5 created with Maxon Cinema 4D. Here i used Hair.
The new Version V5 of my Softbody Simulation / Animation. The name could be “Softbody Hair” 😉

I’ve been working on REDSHIFT for a while now.
Here are unfortunately a few mistakes in the animation. Part of the hair goes through the objects. I used Haircollision but it was not enough.
Why did it take so long to upload?
I first wanted to use the physical renderer and put a blanket in the bed, but the caching made problems. Sometimes the hair is not in the same position. The simulations with the hair and the clothes took a very long time. Finally, I left the clothes so the blanket for the bed away.

It makes a lot of fun to work with the Dynamics Engine.
Rendertime only 4:13 hours.
Working Time: Toooooo long 😉



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