Softbody Simulation V64 ❤️ C4D4U

Softbody Simulation V64 ❤️ C4D4U

Softbody Simulation V64 on YouTube

easy in the finished movie. Until the finished result it had to be recalculated umpteen times.
Either many balls were off track or the distance between the balls was extremely large.
The silver ball came to me only at the very end. But I thought the sound was really great.


Most of my videos help to relax a bit.
I would be happy if you like my videos and enjoy them.

00 Days
08 Hours
15 Minutes
33 Seconds
Rendered by multiple computers!

My Equipment:

In the future I will learn more Blender and Houdini FX. Blender is very cool and free.


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Relax and enjoy this video. ASMR for my eyes. Some people make it happy and satisfied. It also has a calming effect.

ASMR = Autonomous sensory meridian response



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