Softbody Simulation V45 ❤️ C4D4U

Softbody Simulation V45 ❤️ C4D4U

Softbody Simulation V45 on YouTube

This is Softbody Simulation V45.
In this animation | simulation, I have taken a reddish transparent ball with glowing liquid this time. The other ball is blue with dark little spots.
Write in the comments what you would call the balls ❤️😃❤️
So that you didn’t have to wait so long for an animation, I used an old route. I hope it is OK for you.
There were hardly any difficulties this time.
Unfortunately, I used the wrong FPS number at the first attempt. That’s why I rendered the whole thing twice.
You can find the first version, which runs a bit faster, on my other channel.


Fluid Cache: 9.7 GB
Fluid Calculation time 2h 37m
00 Days
11 Hours
16 Minutes
58 Seconds
Rendered by multiple computers!

My Equipment:

In the future I will learn more Blender and Houdini FX. Blender is very cool and free.


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Relax and enjoy this video. ASMR for my eyes. Some people make it happy and satisfied. It also has a calming effect.

ASMR = Autonomous sensory meridian response



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