SOFTBODY Playground V51 ❤️ C4D4U

SOFTBODY Playground V51 ❤️ C4D4U

Softbody Playground V51 on YouTube

This time I have added a few new objects. I hope you like the video. I also changed the colors of the sphere again. Which color do you like best?

I love this transparent orange color the most. But silver at the end is also cool. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the text at the end.
Everything was set correctly (probably a bug in the program). The text: “Have a nice day” was not displayed in the correct position but much further to the right.
The annoying thing was that it was displayed exactly in the area where the grass is. Grass and hair require a very long rendering time.

Unfortunately, I had to render the entire area where the text is displayed again (including the grass).
That’s why there are 2 render times. Once the complete video with the error and once only the section at the very end where the text (with the grass) can be seen.

Rendertime: full video (with grass problems)
00 Days
17 Hours
21 Minutes
58 Seconds
Rendered by 3 computers!
Rendertime: only grass correction
00 Days
16 Hours
15 Minutes
07 Seconds
Rendered by multiple computers!

My Equipment:

In the future I will learn more Blender and Houdini FX. Blender is very cool and free.


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Relax and enjoy this video. ASMR for my eyes. Some people make it happy and satisfied. It also has a calming effect.

ASMR = Autonomous sensory meridian response



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