Softbody Simulation Playground V14 (Cinema 4D)

Softbody Simulation Playground V14

This is an other Softbody Simulation created with Maxon Cinema 4D. The name is Softbody Simulation Playground V14.

Here i used Softbody Dynamic Tags. For the spider web i have used X-Particles.

The fourteenth simulation of the new series.  The Rendertime was very very long. I think there was a problem between the render clients. Any images needed more than 2 hours and the next frame 31 seconds. I don’t know what was the problem.
In the first seconds of the video you can see a little object in the reflection. In the original it was red. I must change it in grey.

I’ll do a lot more of that because it’s a lot of fun to play with the Cinema 4D Dynamic Engine.

I hope you enjoy the fourteenth video of the “Playground” series 😉


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