Collision Simulation & Test

Collision Simulation & Test

This is my Collision Simulation created with Cinema 4D. I used Dynamic Tags like Rigid Body, Collission MoGraph Clone for the walls and other things to create this animation.
It is a lot of fun to work with the possibilities of Cinema 4D. The dynamic possibilities and ideas that come to my mind are enormous. It is so sad that I have so little time for it.
Cool if you had a lot of money. I would buy a lot of computers which would then render such animations. I could use a Renderfarm but for that I need also money 😉

Rendertime for 3 Team Render Clients 15 hours i think.

The Music ist from the YouTube Creator Area: Take you home tonight.

I hope you enjoy the video 😉



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  1. carson says:

    what`s the app you used

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